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How to clean Museum Glass

Posted in Tips by wvframing on April 8, 2009


Museum Glass® is the best glazing option for all framed works of art.  However, it’s really annoying if you accidentally left a fringer print on it. I did a little search on museum glass cleaning tips.

1. Always wear cotton gloves!!!!

2. Museum glass is made with an anti-reflective coating applied to both sides of the glass. You want to stay away from abrasive cleaners since this coating does scratch pretty easily. Use ammonia-free glass cleaner or 50% water and 50% alcohol or distilled water.

3. Use a a soft, lint free cloth, large enough to clean your glass.

4. Always spray the cloth not the glass.

5. Do not use circular motion!!! The reason a circular motion is not advised is because, if you get to close to the edge of the glass, your rag will pick up flakes of glass (from the edge that was cut) and which become embedded in the rag and scratch the glass. Just be careful not to get too close to the edge . When wiping the edges, wipe in an outward motion, away from the center, and shake out your rag well, and very, very frequently! you might want to brush/blow as much of the flakes off the cut edge prior to wiping the glass too.


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